Homeownership Continues to Fall

Home ownership continues to fall as the great Australian dream gets more distant for many. The flip side is that home ownership has fallen from 70 per cent of households in 1998 to 66 per cent.

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U.S. home ownership rates Continue to Fall. Feb. 2, 2010 3:08 PM ET |. Home Ownership by Region.. with a high vacancy rate causing rents to fall, housing prices are shooting at a falling.

According to the latest Housing Vacancies and Homeownership data release. growth among owner households continues to strongly outpace renters.. in trend, as renter households previously fell six out of seven quarters.

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Home ownership is still an aspiration among a majority of Americans – and the. of Americans continue to view home ownership as part of the American dream.. ownership rates actually fell from 2004 to 2007 despite the wild excesses of.

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Homeownership rates have continued to fall for African Americans and there are projections that rates will drop to 40% in the near future (down.

Homeownership rate continues to fall By Ken Calhoon The nation’s homeownership rate slipped to its lowest level in 19 years in the first quarter as more households decided to rent. Enough to make or break a market in each of the four five-year age-groupings they fall into-35 to. mark to aspire to for home-ownership rates.

Despite record low unemployment and higher wages than in the past, substantial barriers to homeownership continue to keep black Americans from amassing wealth. A new Washington Post report collects.

Homeownership is especially out of reach in several markets along the West Coast, including san francisco, San Diego, Denver, and Seattle. Even markets in the typically more affordable Southern region.

Amid Some Economic Gains, Black Homeownership Continues to Fall: Report. Despite record low unemployment and higher wages than in the past, substantial barriers to. The total number of homeowners will grow, but the homeownership rate will continue to drop as more people of all ages-but particularly millennials-choose renting over owning.