How To Keep Out Pests This Winter

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Prevent a bed bug infestation this winter by carefully checking the things you bring into and out of your home. Bed bugs love hiding in dark, confined, warm places. Beds are perfect for them, but so are suitcases, bags, and clothing items. When travelling, keep bags closed, sealed and off the ground.

In fiction, mice and rats are adorably awesome characters – but in real life, they’re potentially dangerous pests. And in the winter months, keeping these little (and sometimes not so little).

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Pests are less active in the winter, but they don’t go away completely. In fact, when it is cold outside, pests are more likely to invade your home.. winter pest Control in Your Home. By Lisa Jo Lupo. updated 07/28/19. pin Share. it is important to keep an eye out for signs of mice and rats and understand control methods.

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When the cooler temperatures of fall settle in, the stink bugs come out by the thousands. Or better put, by the hundreds of thousands. And all of them are looking for the same two things. Mates, and a warm place to ride out the frigid temperatures of winter. In the fall, stink bugs leave the outdoors to look for shelter indoors.

Additionally, winter in Wisconsin bring their own set of insects and other. in these key hiding spots, it will repel insects as the weather warms.

Replace loose mortar and weather stripping around the home. These are easy ways to keep out not only pests, but also cold air. * Store firewood at least 20 feet away from the house and keep shrubbery.

 · Learning how to keep winter pests out of your home is mandatory, especially if you live in an area where these tiny bugs are quite common. Most of these eight-legged creatures know when winter is near, so they will do their best to somehow wind up in your home.

You can identify common pests that want to overwinter in your home and take steps to keep them out. COMMON OVERWINTERING PESTS. Pest Control in Winter. Both rodents and insects will seek shelter and food during cold and lean times, often in human homes. Some of these common pests are harmless, such as beetles, boxelder bugs and lady bugs.

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