Intersting Way to Avoid Florida Foreclosure

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You will need to pay the outstanding mortgage balance and all costs incurred during the foreclosure process. Contact Your Lender If you are experiencing difficulties making your mortgage payments, you are encouraged to contact your lender or loan servicer directly to inquire about foreclosure prevention options that are available.

Consider bankruptcy: A legal action such a bankruptcy can stop all foreclosure action. Call a lawyer who specializes in filing for bankruptcy and ask for a thorough explanation of all your options, costs and the time frame involved. It won’t permanently stop a foreclosure action but it can postpone it.

As you can see, you’ll receive several notices from your lender before the foreclosure process starts. Some people choose to avoid letters or calls from their lenders if they’re having trouble making payments. This is a mistake. In order to avoid foreclosure, you’ll have to stay in contact with your lender.

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The fifth way to stop foreclosure is renting out your home for 2-3 years while temporarily moving to a cheaper location to reduce your expenses and get back on your feet financially. You can also rent out rooms or any portion of your home but either way the obvious advantage is the ability to save your home and avoid foreclosure completely.

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Avoid Foreclosure in South Florida When to Pursue a Short Sale in Florida Depending on if you have equity in your home, or if you are upside down (owe more than the house is worth) we can help you get cash for your home. If you have enough equity, we can simply purchase your home very quickly so you avoid a foreclosure sale.

Avoid Foreclosure Foreclosure is a situation in which a homeowner is unable to make mortgage payments as required, which allows the lender to seize the property, evict the homeowner and sell the home, as stipulated in the mortgage contract. step one: communicate with your lender