Things You Should Know Before Building a Log Home

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Your home should not be over-improved when compared to other, similar homes in the neighborhood, or you’ll lose big on your ROI should you ever need to sell. Stay Neutral: Yes, it’s your dream home, and you should have the features you’ve always wanted, but steer clear of odd, inconvenient or inexplicable designs when building your home.

Do you dream of building your own log home but don't know how to go about it? There are log cabin building schools that will give you the confidence to. How do I prepare my building site for a log home package if that's what I decide to use ?

Most log home builders will take this into account and allow for shrinkage. Signs to look for that a log home didn’t settle properly include windows and doors sticking or not opening and windows and doors bowing from the weight of the walls.

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Log Home Pros and Cons: Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Dream Home. as it may seem, and if you're truly considering building a log home, there. Be sure to do your research on what is required to remove and.

It is standard practice when home shopping to have a home inspection done before putting an offer in. home inspectors have varying degrees of knowledge about log homes and sometimes, a home buyer thinks the inspector has given the home a "clean bill of health’ when in fact, the logs may have hidden problems with rot or the basic design of the house is such that it can contribute to the common problems that log homes can have. Log homes and cabins tend to have unique problems and often it.

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Most people think that log homes do not require a lot of maintenance. You need to consider, though: UV protection, water damage, and rodent/insect problems just to mention a few. Logs may shift and shrink over time that can cause issues later on.

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